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files Files by Kiffer-Opa (37)

File Com. R Like Dls
old English Lua Scripts WTF? BOOM!10Approved 604
old English Lua Scripts Upgrade Control4Approved 439
old English Weapons Low Orbit Ion Cannon9Approved 632
old English Lua Scripts LaserMod58Approved 1,564
old English Lua Scripts FreezeTag16Approved 538
old English Weapons Long-range Homing Missile4Approved 388
old English Weapons Ventilator5Approved 416
old English Weapons Bubble Machine (warning: early version!)6Approved 449
old English Game Modes Vampires4Approved 577
old English Weapons Improved original weapons10Approved 468
old English Weapons Translocator12Approved 504
old German Maps (für das original SII) Totenkopfinsel2Approved 808
old English AI and Misc. Combo AI18Approved 834
old English Weapons Dictionary Attack4Approved 457
old English Weapons Double Time2Approved 395
old English Weapons Vuvuzela17Approved 666
old English Weapons Long Bow, Golden Long Bow2Approved 472
old English Weapons Short Bar, Bar Pack2Approved 452
old English Weapons Rubber Duck10Approved 528
old English Weapons Recycle Bin7Approved 446
old English Weapons Scales of Justicia7Approved 482
old English Lua Scripts Score restore8Approved 585
old English Lua Scripts Fraglimit15Approved 627
old English Lua Scripts Air plane shadow for the Air Strike55Approved 1,286
old English Maps fy_battleship_v25Approved 443
old English Misc. Counter-Strike-like reloading sounds20Approved 2,752
old English Maps cs_supermarket8Approved 493
old English Maps zm_arena6Approved 420
old English Maps Map-Pack by Kiffer-Opa19Approved 619
old German Maps/Parcours Grüne Neune1Approved 508
old German Maps/Parcours Fantasia3Approved 535
old English Lua Scripts Item/weapon IDs v1.312Approved 1,142
old English Skins/Sprites HUD icon for Air Strike6Approved 545
old English Lua Scripts XVote - Extended Vote System 1.037Approved 2,157
old English Maps fy_industrial_v59Approved 475
old English Maps gg_legoland10Approved 629
old English Maps ba_rio_b62Approved 438

Total 425 25,773
Ø per file 11.49 696.57

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