Unreal Software Connect

Unreal Software Connect allows external services and websites to detect if a user is the owner of a certain account.


  • Step 1: Get the nick

    Let the user enter their username
  • Step 2: Open Link

    Let the user open the following link
    RANDOM should be a random value (String) that you can define yourself. Maximum length is 255 characters. Random numbers or timestamps are advisable. The user has to be logged in at to open that link. The connect value of the user account will then be set to the given value. (with the optional parameter autoclose=1 the window will be closed after confirmation, with the optional parameter redirect=URL you will be redirected after confirmation)
  • Step 3: Check membership

    Afterwards open the following link internally
    USERNAME is the name which has been entered in step 1. RANDOM has to be the same value as in step 2.
    The script returns 1 if the account has the return value RANDOM. This means, that the account actually belongs to your user. Otherwise it returns 0. You can also use keyofid=USERID instead of keyof=USERNAME if you want to work with the ID instead.

Please note: Step 3 resets the connect value. So step 3 can only return 1 once. Moreover usernames may contain special characters. You should use the function urlencode() when using PHP or a comparable function in other languages! Moreover you can use the script to get the name or ID of a user.

Get name by ID:

Get ID by name:

User List

A list with all users in a pure text format is available at
with STARTOFFSET as offset value (start at user X with 0 for the first) and the amount COUNT.
Returns one line per user with the structure: ID,NAME.
Replace raw with rawc to get a list including the country codes: ID,NAME,COUNTRY.
You can use
to get the total number of registered users and
to get the highest used ID.

User Data

You can request user data using
For ID insert an Unreal Software / U.S.G.N. user ID. For DATA you have to use one of the following values:
  • avatar: Returns the name/path of the user avatar image (you have to prepend to complete the URL). No output if there is no avatar.
  • name: Returns the name of the user.
  • mode: Returns the mode of the user as internal integer ID.
  • modetxt: Returns the mode of the user as string.
  • country: Returns the country of the user (country code with 2 letters or -- if not set).
  • regdate: Returns the registration date as unix timestamp. 0 if user registered before November 2004.
  • json: Returns all of the above values (except for modetxt) plus user ID as JSON.