English Fixing unplayable fps in stranded 2 with dgVoodo

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This game is very old and is unplayable on my windows 11 machine due to extremely low fps . Compatibility mode didn't help so I decided to try dgvoodoo and it worked
Here is how I did it|
1 - downloaded last dgvoodoo version from the official website , the "for regular usage" one
2 - unzipped archive into it's own folder inside stranded 2 folder (it doesn't really matter where you unzip it but it's more convenient to have them inside game's folder)
3 - Opened folder with dgvoodoo then MS folder and in it x86 folder
4 - Copied all files from x86 folder into folder with game's exe file
5 - Run dgVoodooCpl.exe
6 - Run Stranded 2 with dgVoodo
7 - Saw dgvoodoo watermark in the right bottom corner of the screen (you can turn it off in dgvoodo's settings) and no problems with fps which means success
However I still encountered 2 minor issues
1 Pressing cancel button in the options menu breaks aspect ratio accept button doesn't do that
2 Alt tabbing causes texture used for inventory to become completely black however it still functions flawlessly
Both of those issues can be fixed by restarting the game
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