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Recently, I removed the extra collider added to vehicles in Stranded II and just made the regular model a collider, which fixed every problem I had with it. The problem is, it made a new problem. The collider is not very good at being a collider anymore.

Adding the old collider back is not an option as I have a deep-seated hatred for it, going back to my early days in Stranded II, and also it is stupid and an unnecessary redundancy.

The new collider works, but it has a harder time staying still, which leads to the player falling through it. This is incredibly annoying when trying to perform an obstacle course, or just trying to get on the vehicle to begin with.

I feel like this is one of the random things that there should be plenty of known solutions for online, so there should be something somewhere, as it is likely a common problem.

Anyone have the ability or expertise to make colliders that work on moving objects without booby-trapping the player?

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02.10.22 12:43:39 pm
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Well, I guess you will have to add more collider shapes that can be defined via unit properties and rewrite it copletly to be honest, this is how game was designed, units will "sink" on any objects, check if this same occurs in Titanium or in 1.0.3a, but for Titanium there is a source
02.10.22 12:45:12 pm
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probably need to set the collision definition for the car(unit).


each one has different property, you may need to set col=1.

Collision (0=none, 1=collision, 2=no collision but selectable)

I used this technique on my boats...there was the issue where...when the player stopped the boat and dismounted onto the deck, to go fishing and stuff...they would sink through (because it is a UNIT). My solution was: When the player dismounts i scripted to have the UNIT boat, change(delete/recreate) to an OBJECT boat...when the player mounts the boat again to drive, the script changes the boat back to a UNIT...in both scenarios the script also counted/deleted the items INSIDE the UNIT boat and CREATED them in the OBJECT boat...and visa-versa. (the player does NOT sink through an OBJECT set with col=1)

note: I used the same model for both, i just made one a UNIT and the other an OBJECT.

In the script it's self, you can get the players x,y,z coordinate FIRST and then after the changes, set the player back at the position desired to be on top of the collider LAST. (position where they dismounted)
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03.10.22 02:35:20 am
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previous message >

I ran into some more problems modifying Stranded II source code. Namely, I tried to add a 'clip' feature, which gives guns the ability to have a clip-based or single-shot ammo/reload system.

Things to know before you look at my S2 source mods >

Currently, the guns won't play the reload animation when reloading, and the clip system doesn't work. If anyone is smart enough, maybe they could point out my errors. Critical files are game_functions.bb, game_weapons.bb, load_units.bb, and handle_units.bb.

The mod and source code is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i7h1t9oaluv10wa/S2E++WIP.zip/file

The blitz3d version (with userlibs and etc. for mod) is right here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wdkyhqfie21enll/Blitz3D.zip/file

I have so far spent two nights up until 1 o clock to try to figure this out, with only a small improvement to show for it.

I need sleeep.. someone help plz. My sleep schedule is in shambles.

I got the gun to animate upon reload, but the clip script is still unfinished. Latest : https://www.mediafire.com/file/md357f9kvtfwoae/includes.zip/file
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