English How can i modify my server?

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25.12.20 10:55:43 am
Kazuto Kirigaya
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Hello all
Im making an Among Us script and, im started with mod sprites. Like Machete and Player skins. Im about to make colorized among us characters in cs2d. But idk smth:
1-How i can modify my game (i mean when i host a game i want to activate this mod and give players a random skin)
2-I need some help on script
3-Idk how game decoding the skin file so idk am i need to change only colors
Thanks for helps. I will post the mod in forum asap
27.12.20 12:38:30 pm
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1) You can't. You can only tell people to download and use the modpack when they want to play on the server. The old hacky method was to overlay standard skins with images server-side.

2) Start a new thread detailing your problem with one script.

3) Images are in the gfx/ folder, Paint.net is good enough or GIMP2.
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