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This thread contains deleted posts.

20.05.2011: trash thread cleared
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user Smurf has written
I have modified the Stranded II source code so the maps are much bigger and more realistic terrain ,you can see alot further distances and now islands have beaches, larger land mass and better frame rates.Also I have changed the time system so ,1 minute = 1 minute.So if you walk for an hour you do walk for an hour real time.

All the changes are made in the Stranded II source code,feel free to use the modified StandedII.Exe, with your own mods.


Added- Much larger maps.

Added- Much further view distance.

Added- Real time,1 minute = 1 minute game time.

Added- Physics to water.Water now has a sink rate ,when swimming if you stop moving you sink.

Added-Swimming speed is slower than walking speed.

Added- Sprint run button in the source code."Left Shift" is run.This has zero lag time because it is in the source code now.

Added- Patch Now compatible with Massive Mod.

Added- Patch Now compatible with Stranded2.5

Added- Modified Stranded II source code & modified Stranded2.5 source code in download.


Download Link

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user DannyDeth has written
Well, first of all I must point out that CS2D -- being a little, freeware game --, doesn't have any large companies. The closest you could come to that is e-Quality Cs2D Servers ( ), they are very reasonably priced. The user Banaan runs it.

Well, first of all I must point out that CS2D - little game full of kids, doesn't have any companies. The worst you could come to is e-Quality CS2D servers, overrated shit-hosting. The toilet cleaner runs it.
Fixed for you, BOY.
user palomino has written
What?! The only one talking non-sense here is YOU. e-Quality is a great hosting company, their servers hardly ever lag. have you even tried it? If not, then don't talk bull, please.

Man, e-Quality sucks. It's even not a company you're talkin' about (great hosting company, that's what you said). Now, e-Quality isn't even a company. Mr. Toilet Brush didn't take time to register it.

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If Roni wins I put a flag in my ass (with proofs, of course). If he bans Banaan I put second flag in my ass (with proofs again). Discuss.

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@Highmind(oxytamine) are thos stupid comments necessary?
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