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29.06.11 10:13:04 pm
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Warning: This is the early version 0.5. I can't guarantee that this is bug free.
But because I already put lots of work in it, and don't want this to be lost,
I uploaded it. The bubble machine still does not behave perfectly and the physics
are also not very logical and good gameplay at the moment. Also, for some reason,
projectiles sometimes explode immediately that are shot from inside. But at least, this tool
is usable and fun enugh, I hope. I uploaded it in the hope that any other CC
scripter may take this file and fix the messed up physics.

So, what is the Bubble Machine?
The Bubble Machine is a tool which, once installed, creates a big soap bubble
around it.
If you're inside the bubble, you can shoot normally any weapon from there. But
if you're outside try to shoot something at the bubble... then ... hehehe ...
the projectile bounces off!
This is for true bazookas, grenades, even dynamite bounces off. And airstrike
projectiles, too. Some things do not bounce off, for example Osama Bin Laden or
Adolf Hitler. (I told you that this is an early version, it is supposed to bounce
any weapon off).
The bubble machine has 50 HP and can be destroyed. You still can damage it from inside
the bubble, but beware, the bubble machine explodes if it is destroyed, dealing
little damage.
Oh, and if you set up the machine, your turn ends.

If any of you has suggestions how to fix the bugs or have notes to improve the
physics, please contact me. I would like to have a working bubble machine.
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16.08.11 11:28:58 am
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the direction of a bullet bouncing of the bubble is wrong maybe you should change this
08.07.11 08:25:12 am
like I like it!
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the bubble like on worms 4 huh?
nice il think about downloading it!
29.06.11 11:00:43 pm
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does it swim on the water?
can't explain better -_-.
29.06.11 10:32:02 pm
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This made me download CC once again.
Can't wait to check out how this looks in the game.

Edit: That was pretty good.

Glitches found.
1. You can't shot inside of the bubble otherwise you'll harm yourself.
Bullets should collide only out side of the bubble, hehe.

2. Particles reflection angles are wrong in my opinion.
It shouldn't just change direction 180°, but depend on bubble collision, right?
I can help you out with that.
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29.06.11 10:20:46 pm
like I like it!
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What the fuck!`? this is hilarous!

Lol as you said bugged but funny

with a projectile comes 0° at the bubble. the projectile moves slowly throught the bubble and BOOOM :D.

But still fun
29.06.11 10:16:12 pm
like I like it!
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LoL Nice :D, keep it up ;P
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