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27.06.11 06:14:31 pm
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(version 1.1)

I modified CC Original weapons. Most changes are pure cosmetic. Some are gameplay changes. I hope you like 'em.

For the following weapons/extras, there appear now pretty cool airplanes, which, of course, drop the projectiles. The Projectiles don't fall from nowhere anymore! Yeah!

• Air Strike
• Napalm
• Mine Drop
• Medikit Drop
• Supply Order
• Heavy Air Strike (with three dangerous-looking black airplanes :D)

You also can select the direction of the airplane. The airplane will always fly
to the same direction as the player looks. The direction also does affect the
initial x-axis speed of the projectiles of the normal Airstrike and for
the Heavy Airstrike, too (but very slightly, because it is HEAVY airstrike ;-)).
And: The direction also affects which projectile will fall down first. If you choose left, the rightmost
projectile will be dropped first and viceversa. This means, all 5 projectiles
will not be dropped in the same moment, there is a tiny time difference.
Before all projectiles were dropped at the same moment.

I added some fancy animated icons for some items which will be shown above the player's
head. These are usually things where you just must press space to use them and nothing else:
• No Wind
• Stealth Ninja
• Time Bonus
• Effect Neutralizer
• Self-Healing
• Pandemic
• Santa
• Flood
• Anti-Gravity
• Hellfire
• Winter
• Arrow Rain
• Quake
• Armageddon

Other improvements:

Santa: You can choose the direction of Santa! Santa will fly to your ooking direction. The icon will also show a little arrow which points left or right.

Plane Strike: You can choose the direction of the plane! The plane flies to your looking direction. You also hold a remote control in your hand if you select this weapon. (The same one you have when you select an ordinary airstrike.)

Paintgun: I colored the projectiles of the paintgun. Before, the projectiles were all yellow and the color is only visible on terrain.

Flood: If you select Flood, the GUI will tint the area to be flooded blue semi-transparent. There also is a little blue line. Everything which is BELOW this line will definately drown. To be exact: Any player who has his feet only 1 pixel BELOW this line, will drown by this flood. Any player who is above this wile will survive. If you don't want this (but still want the icon), you have to change the line


in the script file.

Pac Man: I programmed the "death" animation from the real pacman including the awesome "death" sound from the game "Pac Man". It replaces the boring explosion. But pacman's death still makes the circular damage (and paints the landscape yellow :D)

Sentry: I gave the sentry itself actually a fancy color. It equals the color of the owning team instead of being dark red for all teams. I like this better than just the tiny little fucking blinking light. I still kept the blinking light, of course.
The old sentry also had a little bug, I discovered. The color of the light
was not always correct. That was because the team number was used for the color index instead of the alliance index.

Winter: Besides freezing all players, this weapon will also remove all fires on the entire landscape.

Hellfire: There is more fire. It is extended to the left and to the right border of the map. With the old hellfire, parts of the landspace got spared simply by the fact there is heavy wind. Lots of this more fire will fall into the water, of course, but some will reach the landscape because of wind.

Quake, Anti-Gravity:
Both affects supplies, medikits, beartraps and mines, too.

That's all folks. I hope you like the improvements. Maybe this file will get updated later, with even more improvements. I don't really know.
Technical info:
You will find all new weapons in the folder scripts/CC Modded. I use the table
"ccm" (instead of "cc") for all weapons. This means, it is technicall okay to use an
original weapon together with a modded weapon for testing. But for real gameplay
I don't suggest to do this! It only would confuse players.

If you want to replace an original weapon, you just have to remove the original weapon and put the modded weapon to that space instead.
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by SQ (15.12.15 09:37:35 am)


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17.12.11 05:53:42 am
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Does this work with the current version of CC?
edited 1×, last 17.12.11 10:57:19 pm
27.06.11 11:07:19 pm
like I like it!
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F*ck yea!
This is just awesome.
27.06.11 10:35:56 pm
like I like it!
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really amazing!

It would be really cool if DC also implemented a few of those ideas to CC.
27.06.11 09:48:55 pm
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once again great work and changes that actually make sense! I really appreciate this and maybe I'll add some of these these things to the original scripts again!

I actually dislike the flood change though. it's more intense if you don't know how high the water will be afterwards - good thing that you can disable this feature
27.06.11 08:37:02 pm
like I like it!
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nice i like airplanes
27.06.11 07:43:00 pm
like I like it!
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awesome you have good ideas for cc
27.06.11 07:33:30 pm
like I like it!
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27.06.11 07:05:27 pm
like I like it!
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Really awesome! Done with much love.
Should be implemented as standart.
27.06.11 06:21:56 pm
like I like it!
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as before, a very great improvement. Hope you'll keep up your work for upcoming weapons
27.06.11 06:20:00 pm
like I like it!
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WOW! these are very cool Improved original weapons!
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