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25.04.11 12:53:40 am
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Finished my latest map!

This map is meant for about 3 to 6 people per team to play, IMO.

Counter-Terrorist must stop Terrorist from planting bomb and destroying A or B Bomb spots.

there are objects and walls around around the map for you to take cover or hide by.

This map is most fun when playing with FoW (IMO)
FoW, if you don't know, stands for Fog of War.


Blue Circle and Red Circle represent Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist bases.
As you can see, both bomb spots are labeled with a letter.
√You can host this map.
×You can't edit this map.
×You can't take credit for this map.
√You can give me credit for this map.
√You can edit tiles. (i guess, they are de_dust. xD)
∗Have fun!
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1 comment
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25.04.11 01:09:54 am
like I like it!
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Its good but even for 3-6 people per team, there needs to be more ways around and into the bombsites.

Also as a mapper myself i love the way you have used the dust tiles, ive always loved the dust and aztec tiles.
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