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old He_boxworld

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hello all!

this is one of my first maps, and i created this for fast, fun rounds! enjoy!

PS:. i'm a begginer at mapping, so this map is small, as i said, its for fast rounds, if you got nothing to do or are in a hurry.

you can:

√ use it
√ edit it
√ have fun with it.
× say it yours.
Declined by GeoB99
The file violates copyright / you did not ask the original author for permission / list of original authors or sources is missing!

Copyright Checklist
  • Make sure that you are actually allowed to use all files that you are using!
  • Ask the original authors of all used files if you are allowed to use them!
  • You are only allowed to use those files if you received explicit permission!
  • ALWAYS list the original authors and sources in the description of your file! Otherwise it will get deleted!

You haven't credited the original authors of those tiles.

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2 kb, 385 Downloads


1 comment
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Who tiles?
w/e gj, takes nade angle skills if you look at it.
I like it!
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