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old Tetris

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I made a modern Tetris gamemode for CS2D

What is "modern Tetris"? What is the difference from "normal Tetris"?

"The Tetris Guideline is a yearly specification which The Tetris Company stipulates for developing new Tetris titles from 2001 and onward, beginning with Tetris Worlds. The reason for creating a guideline was to standardize Tetris play."

It includes titles as Tetris 99, Tetris Effect and many others.
So what constitutes a modern Tetris experience?

Also from, Tetris Guidelines page:

Spoiler >

So, the script allows the basic piece movement alongside wallkicks, T-Spins (displacements and tucks created with T-piece), combos, 7-bag system for randomizing pieces and perfect clear detection.

It displays the current board status as tiles on the map using
The instructions to play are on the script, however I will transcribe it here:

Left Arrow & Right Arrow: Move the piece left and right
Up Arrow: clockwise rotation
Down Arrow: soft (slow) drop
Space: hard (fast) drop
Left Shift: Hold current piece
X: clockwise rotation (CW)
Z: counter clockwise rotation (CCW)
A: 180º rotation (180 or double CW/CCW)

You can also play using the buttons on map.
⟳ (right rotation arrow): clockwise rotation
↓ (downwards arrow): hard drop
→ (rightwards arrow): move piece right
← (leftwards arrow): move piece left
□ (empty square): hold piece (it will display a picture of the piece held)
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483 kb, 38 Downloads


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it looks fun
I like it!


Mami Tomoe
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I played it, seems cool but not very practical.

If this can be modulated I'll add a like.
I.E.: If I can add this into an existing script with a simple API.


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Loool, nice
I like it!
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