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old "Blade of The Red Sun" By KeLyver

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Blade of The Red Sun, the name "Blade of The Red Sun" and the appearance of the Machete skins are referencing to the popular 2013 Video games "METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE" Made by コナミ (KONAMI). it is referencing to the Popular Brazillian Blade called The "Murasama" that is held by "Jetstream Sam" or "Samuel Rodriguez" and the name are referencing to the Soundtrack Name "Red Sun" Sundowner Theme


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And sorry for the Always has been memes before

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old Sorry

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Sorry for the memes before, I will never post memes again. Please Re-review this item again
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Looks gud
I like it!


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It looks nice. That's the way I could not draw, such nice outlines.
I like it!


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This is scary
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