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27.01.22 06:03:33 pm
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Mami Tomoe
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Hello! This is a fairly simple script.
I'm aware that there are alternative scripts, but I'm certain that this one would stand out, as it is a lot faster and considerably more modern.

I took inspiration from the thread thread cs2d Ho do i make an inf ammo? (W/o reloading).
That thread made me scratch my head a lot as I was seeing people struggle with a simple task.
As such, I decided to create this file.

This concept of no reload &/ infinite ammo was already thought of years ago, but this time I decided to make a superior version which takes both features and optimisation into account.
I took inspiration from the scripts on the archive aiming for the same goal.
I also took inspiration from the thread above.

And now, the features:
∗ You can easily add &/ remove weapons and you can even enable the no reload function on all weapons
∗ Will hide the ammo HUD
∗ Will enable infinite ammo to counter strange cases where you'd run out of ammo, or pickup an empty weapon and be unable to reload.
° I didn't include a reload hook to support the above, but that can easily be added manually, or requested. Though, it's really unnecessary
∗ Easy to configure, read, understand and use
∗ Highly efficient & compact
∗ A single hook is used
∗ Only one for loop is used, and it only runs at the beginning of the script (could be omitted, but remains for user simplicity)

Code w/o download >

Developer note:
Yes, this can easily be made to run faster, but there's no need to over-optimise something that already works quickly enough.
If your server is struggling to run this script, then you should look for problems elsewhere, instead of assuming that I didn't optimise this enough.
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29.01.22 02:58:26 am
like I like it!
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That thread is just Agile development in a nutshell. Nice work combining people suggestions there lol.
28.01.22 11:50:54 am
like I like it!
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Nice one
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