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25.07.21 06:18:59 am
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permission of the author (me) and if you upload it, leave me

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• The pack is based on the Metroid game, the hats are one of the characters that most attract my attention and I thought they would be good hats, enjoy!.

∗ To be able to use the hats you need a "lua" in the game to be able to execute the hats, you cannot use them on a server if the server does not have these add-ons, you can only use it in the event that you have a "lua" for hats and the hats on in the "gfx" folder of the game.

Thank you for reading and Enjoy!!

° I make requests to my Discord Gaburieru#0499
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24.08.21 04:00:06 am
like I like it!
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nvm also nice mod
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