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old Tower Defense Improved + Zombie Mode

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Exclusive : Stranded II Enhanced + only.


• Fixed arrows so they never miss, making the gameplay more stable

• Made arrows always attack first unit in line

• Translated sign messages to English


• Tower now has extra upgrades

• Added zombies toward the end

• Ghosts also added (The ghosts of animals you killed)

• Also lots of stuff you probably won't notice but that will improve gameplay

Debugging this map was more difficult than expected, so it took days worth of hours to complete. Enjoy!
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64 kb, 352 Downloads


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Gonna get better screens soon. Currently busy on battle mod but will get them as soon as possible.

Edit: I've lost nearly all motivation to do anything with this map currently, so maybe as soon as possible was ambitious. Also current screenshots are not completely black, though they could be brighter.

Maybe if I had some feedback, or any sense of knowledge that anyone even tried this out, I may find new motivation. Currently I don't even know if anyone has even played this till the end, so extra effort does not feel justified when I could do other things. Also, this has the least amount of downloads out of all my files. While this may be partially because of the screenshots, it still doesn't change my overall lack of motivation for this.
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