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09.06.20 09:21:17 pm
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This is my second map that I ever created in CS2D. This is medium size map, and it's really good. I didn't seen any issues there or bugs. Also there's three radios with different songs (one of them is mine created, these two ain't mine), so you will atleast have something to listen. Report me any issues or bugs you will find. You can use this map for editing if you'll ask me.

Have fun!
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1 comment
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14.06.20 09:38:49 pm
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Its kinda empty, you could give it a little more work and have some small details going on, like decals, cars, some crates, boxes. Also mapexport is always needed for a standard (de_ or cs_) map.

I like how you tried to recreate old zelda's 2D perspective with the windows (if im not mistaken)

Seems amazing for a second map and hope to see more of you. Keep it up man.
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