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21.07.18 02:57:42 am
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Hello us community, this is @user StirlizZ-Fapicon: and @user HumayunJ: today we want to show you one of most ambitious projects community ever had: CS2D port to mobile phones. This file is zip-archived apk file, download it to your phone the open with some archiver program like X-Plore.

> FAQ:
Q: There is already at least two same files, why?
A: Yep, each version has different code and slighty different graphics. Old version are [Legacy] status now and no longer will support.

Q: Why we need this PC build, just play original CS2D if you want it on PC?
A: Because you can`t connect with mobile version to CS2D servers so we made a PC build for you. It`s the same.

Q: Playing with mouse and keyboard against touchscreen is unfair, how you will solve it?
A: It's ok, I`ve tested by myself this type of crossplatform play lot of hours. Get use of touchscreen contols so you can rekt PC players.

[ 0.1.1 ]

Added Mouse Wheel Weapons Changing
Added SMGS tab in Shop
Added Controls View
Added player names shown on their position

Improved UI
Improved Lag Compensation
Improved Auto Join Improved

Fixed Picking Issue of Dopped Items ( When there is no item in player inventory )
Fixed Servers List Fetching Issue
Fixed max limit of items ( previous was fixed to 10 )
Fixed Shop Issue in Android 6+
Fixed Invisibility Issue
Fixed Angle Issue of other clients
Fixed Map Tile Collision Issues
Fixed Positional Sound Issue
Fixed some spawn issues
Fixed Skin When Holding Pistol

Removed extra logging
Removed Glock 23 and .357 ( because of Invalid Resources )

Spoiler >

Welcome to hell, soldier. Grab you Gun and start to Fire.

There is a Discord button, click it to join our community.
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06.08.18 01:27:58 pm
like I like it!
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u n00b. http://prntscr.com/kf9d8n
btw good job.
27.07.18 08:38:02 am
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@user SQ: yep, renamed, but there is no difference. Only two reasons I`ve posted these things here is DC`s ok and files are totally related to CS2D community. Otherwise they wasn`t here.

@user LAMIALJE: Thanks buddy, we already working on another update!
27.07.18 12:32:01 am
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@user LAMIALJE: I mean he did that typo everywhere, that's something that should be tweaked though. It's in CS2D section.
26.07.18 10:12:57 pm
like I like it!
user SQ what an imbecile, why the hell do not you see the good job he did? completely pathetic

by the way user StirlizZ-Fapicon good job!
25.07.18 01:03:07 am
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It's CS2D, not CS2d
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