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12.09.15 06:42:54 pm
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Difficulty: very hard

After a ship accident, you are stranded on a tiny island without any resources.
To live, you must move to the next island.
However, the island is occupied by hungry dinosaurs, which seem to have eaten all other animals.

Your mission is to eliminate all the dinosaurs, so that you can live in the island.
But before fighting with dinosaurs, you will need to fight with hunger and thirst!

This map is hard, but there is a way to win without depending on luck.

This map was made using original Stranded II (English version).
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by DC (02.12.15 10:18:46 pm)


1 comment
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14.10.15 05:27:32 am
like I like it!
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Does't look too bad, Like + Download
But, please delete some raptor and change map name. "CanYouSurvive" is not good name.
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