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26.07.15 11:07:27 am
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The Intergalactic Space Government has recieved a report that the Ioniatric Research Compound is on red alert because there was an incident in an experiment. A virus in the lab called "Zombotriaxus" has escaped into one of their containment and infected all of the Scientists inside the Compound. This virus seem to turn humans into a zombie-like creature. The only way that you will get infected by these virus is by killing you so don`t let them kill you or you`ll be one of them!

Your team were assigned to clear out and kill all the zombies inside the Ioniatric Research Compund to stop the virus from spreading. The Ioniatric Compound still has its power supply but not for long..The ISG said that the estimated time the power generator of the Ioniatrics would give power is for atleast 1 minute so make it count!

> The Intergalactic Space Government has provided you with the following equipments:
• The Alpha-FN2000 Machine Gun
• A sturdy Heavy Armor
• A flare (for vision)
• Mechanical Wrench

The Intergalactic Space Government researched the whole Lab and discovered that the Ioniatric Research Compound are researching about weapons technology so there are hidden weapon prototypes around the map.

> Here are the Equipments that the Ioniatric Research Compound has researched:
• A FlameThrower
• The I-Laser Prototype
• An A+Medic Armor Prototype
• A Stealth Armor
• An A22 Rocket Launcher
• A High-Blast RPG Launcher
• A Poisonous Gas Grenade
• A Military Night-vision Googles
• A Fiery Molotov
• A Grenade Launcher

> Credits
∗ Thanks,@user Rattle189: for teaching me how to make triggers and for his support!
∗ And also there are is a custom sound i placed here so you put that sound on your SFX folder!
∗ It is my second map so Enjoy! There will be more updates because there are empty spaces i haven`t filled yet like the hallways.
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by Infinite Rain (04.12.15 02:15:19 am)


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26.07.15 12:16:42 pm
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Empty spaces looks really bad at maps, you should add some sprites to empty spaces. Not bad.
26.07.15 11:42:37 am
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Ok,Don`t worry,there will be a new update soon. Im gonna improve it more ..
26.07.15 11:29:32 am
like I like it!
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Where do you EXACTLY put the "Power Down-SoundBible.com-1404884198.wav" file?

EDIT: You put the sound file into the /sfx folder only but it should be converted to a different format as it is nearly 2 MB in size.
Next time make a 'maps' and 'sfx' folder in your archive so that it would be easier to install it.

The map is alright, not bad by looks but definitely needs some improvements.
-There are too many overpowered weapons scattered in the map making the Humans OP.
-The windows on the rooms should be breakables instead allowing humans to shoot through it.
-The siren's volume is kinda too loud which can be distracting.
-A bit too much open spaces.
-Highly encourage you to use a new tileset, the stock is fine but a different one will definitely help boost ratings!
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