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6336xerionnBANNED13.03.09 10:17:36 pm8 Years agoDE - Germany
16063xGamingMasterLDRBANNED22.07.10 04:02:16 pm10 Years ago-
24430XedallRzuRBANNED10.09.10 01:45:23 pm9 Years ago-
36544xderBANNED24.11.10 04:18:01 pm10 Years ago-
48396x24BANNED10.02.11 09:53:23 pm10 Years agoMA - Morocco
60949XunterBANNED17.05.11 12:18:26 pm--
61650x9000BANNED23.05.11 12:00:08 am10 Years ago-
61652x8000BANNED23.05.11 12:10:01 am10 Years ago-
61654x23BANNED23.05.11 12:18:19 am10 Years ago-
61692X-Twenty FourBANNED23.05.11 12:08:43 pm10 Years agoMA - Morocco
77046XRatedBANNED28.09.11 12:19:17 am9 Years ago-
105894xTrollxBANNED24.09.12 03:26:02 pm8 Years ago-
112865xgmlelushBANNED07.01.13 10:04:36 pm8 Years ago-
124254x24-BANNED31.07.13 02:22:13 am7 Years ago-
129634XXT-_Claudio_-TXXBANNED05.12.13 02:49:32 am7 Years ago-
130899x09213512BANNED04.01.14 02:30:17 pm7 Years ago-
130905xl4everbakaBANNED04.01.14 05:21:12 pm--
137190XrotBANNED26.06.14 06:20:32 pm7 Years ago-
140280XAPOTAABANNED26.09.14 05:39:34 pm6 Years ago-
142043xxDARPxxBANNED29.11.14 05:20:04 pm6 Years ago-
147986xXxProxXxBANNED01.07.15 05:49:45 am6 Years agoIR - Iran, Islamic Republic of
156099xiguai108BANNED05.09.16 09:50:41 am4 Years ago-
7526X-RDGCOMMUNITY BANNED23.05.09 06:49:14 pm11 Years ago-
11135xDCOMMUNITY BANNED28.11.09 11:48:32 am11 Years ago-
11843XiBaoZiCOMMUNITY BANNED27.12.09 03:16:01 pm9 Months agoJP - Japan
15518xGaming M3 MASTERCOMMUNITY BANNED25.06.10 10:56:28 pm11 Years ago-
63148X-RatedCOMMUNITY BANNED04.06.11 11:20:01 pm9 Years agoGB - United Kingdom
128490XieyimamCOMMUNITY BANNED06.11.13 03:00:37 am7 Years ago-
144966XingGoveCOMMUNITY BANNED08.03.15 10:09:56 pm4 Years agoDZ - Algeria
16974xov123GAME BANNED13.08.10 12:01:06 am7 Years ago-
59462xVainSlaynexGAME BANNED04.05.11 02:20:49 pm4 Years ago-
97820xiaork999GAME BANNED15.06.12 11:37:38 am3 Years agoMY - Malaysia
108080x55GAME BANNED27.10.12 09:59:52 pm7 Years ago-
152756xis15GAME BANNED17.02.16 10:55:45 pm--
183525XXXSIMOXXXGAME BANNED15.02.19 11:23:29 pm11 Months agoMA - Morocco
112XanUser2003/20049 Years ago-
149XenaUser2003/200417 Years ago-
486xDannyOxUser21.04.05 09:27:16 am16 Years ago-
548XCyronUser25.06.05 09:42:20 pm15 Years ago-
709XxzorroxX 2User26.11.05 08:13:26 pm--
895XtCUser11.06.06 07:48:44 am15 Years ago-
910xiaoUser24.06.06 06:04:11 am11 Years ago-
1198xprofUser15.10.06 02:04:33 am14 Years ago-
1226x7JaK7xUser27.10.06 10:26:12 pm14 Years ago-
1343xXPaulXxUser14.12.06 01:44:57 pm14 Years ago-
1389XaxUser05.01.07 03:21:43 pm14 Years ago-
1442XanderUser28.01.07 07:31:07 am14 Years ago-
1446X-bulletUser29.01.07 11:45:57 pm14 Years ago-
1517xXDNAXxUser22.02.07 11:00:27 pm14 Years ago-
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