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74waterworldBANNED2003/20045 Years ago-
317waN1992BANNED02.11.04 11:55:16 am7 Years agoGR - Greece
35139welerson001BANNED14.11.10 05:21:06 pm10 Years ago-
36041welerson de assis bragaBANNED20.11.10 09:54:15 pm--
36431welerson bragaBANNED23.11.10 06:23:31 pm--
51780wwatgoo12BANNED05.03.11 06:59:27 pm4 Years ago-
68412WHYIGOTBANNEDBANNED17.07.11 05:25:14 pm10 Years ago-
84491White_12E_456_789BANNED20.12.11 02:59:34 pm9 Years agoPH - Philippines
85391wilyrapBANNED01.01.12 11:59:36 am9 Years ago-
92934Wilydu13BANNED09.04.12 12:08:20 pm9 Years agoFR - France
96225Williams_leeBANNED24.05.12 12:33:17 pm9 Years agoFR - France
98984wereSSS007BANNED29.06.12 06:46:39 pm9 Years ago-
100028westcoastogBANNED11.07.12 05:20:57 pm8 Years agoGR - Greece
100426WellkazBANNED15.07.12 08:17:43 pm--
123891WillzyBANNED24.07.13 08:23:14 pm8 Years ago-
124151whitegirLbeccaBANNED29.07.13 01:50:04 pm8 Years ago-
126948WtRBANNED28.09.13 07:18:10 pm6 Years ago-
128989WinterWhiteBANNED18.11.13 04:14:58 pm7 Years ago-
129944Winter WhiteBANNED13.12.13 03:26:38 pm7 Years ago-
130428Wesker RE5BANNED24.12.13 08:03:47 pm7 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
140328WeirdZBoyBANNED28.09.14 01:22:30 am4 Years agoAU - Australia
141832WhiteloqBANNED21.11.14 01:38:22 pm6 Years ago-
148133WonderfulBANNED06.07.15 01:35:52 am6 Years ago-
148406WilsoncBANNED14.07.15 09:23:58 am6 Years ago-
148748watgoo122BANNED26.07.15 10:02:13 pm4 Years ago-
149364Windows 10BANNED24.08.15 02:14:25 am6 Years ago-
151771WintermasterSBANNED04.01.16 02:27:38 pm5 Years agoJP - Japan
155417Without youBANNED18.07.16 02:18:34 pm5 Years ago-
156555WarIamAngryBANNED14.10.16 04:39:58 am4 Years ago-
160071wtfktlBANNED06.06.17 08:47:34 am4 Years ago-
189307wfuuopyBANNED25.05.20 02:08:42 am9 Months ago-
716WeberCOMMUNITY BANNED04.12.05 02:58:34 pm11 Years ago-
8406WhitePr1deCOMMUNITY BANNED10.07.09 12:20:59 am12 Years ago-
13114warfighterCOMMUNITY BANNED21.02.10 03:48:18 pm3 Years agoDE - Germany
15326WinVileCOMMUNITY BANNED16.06.10 02:54:35 pm11 Years ago-
67857Why Danel IdiotGAME BANNED13.07.11 07:37:55 pm4 Years ago-
114526wkddudwhGAME BANNED02.02.13 08:03:43 am5 Years ago-
123344warcraft4GAME BANNED15.07.13 12:51:29 pm7 Years ago-
150689warcraft6GAME BANNED07.11.15 03:33:56 pm5 Years ago-
151720WWintermasterSSGAME BANNED02.01.16 11:59:11 am5 Years agoTR - Turkey
154091wesley011GAME BANNED04.05.16 08:49:26 pm--
160772WinterWolfGAME BANNED02.07.17 05:40:18 pm3 Years agoRO - Romania
145WitchUser2003/200417 Years ago-
195WernerUser2003/200417 Years ago-
223WaSSerMelOneUser2003/200417 Years ago-
245w0rdmanUser2003/20048 Years ago-
255wZDUser2003/20042 Weeks agoDE - Germany
328WaveUser11.11.04 01:56:29 pm12 Years ago-
374WalzeUser22.12.04 10:42:47 am15 Years ago-
620WuschelUser03.09.05 08:41:59 am15 Years ago-
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