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40520noob12345678910BANNED21.12.10 04:33:58 pm4 Years ago-
43741nerdboyBANNED12.01.11 04:12:42 am10 Years ago-
44682NewbiezBANNED18.01.11 10:18:43 pm10 Years ago-
50054noobenBANNED21.02.11 04:20:04 pm10 Years ago-
56875NUKESTRIKERBANNED13.04.11 11:30:00 pm--
72953nSecret-tkBANNED22.08.11 12:59:50 pm9 Years ago-
78667NomsBANNED14.10.11 12:20:19 am9 Years ago-
87258naskii_BANNED25.01.12 07:47:30 pm5 Years agoBR - Brazil
92152NiceBoyBANNED31.03.12 12:58:45 pm6 Years ago-
92483Ninjafeu11BANNED04.04.12 08:41:54 am9 Years ago-
92859natoll123BANNED08.04.12 12:39:22 pm9 Years ago-
100438n00gaBANNED15.07.12 09:37:53 pm--
101137niggurBANNED24.07.12 02:50:29 pm9 Years ago-
102388NiggersTongueMyAnusBANNED10.08.12 02:13:37 am9 Years ago-
102469naskiiBANNED11.08.12 02:52:12 am5 Years agoBR - Brazil
103702NeverEndingJuiceBANNED26.08.12 02:20:40 am9 Years agoUS - United States
106673Nick27BANNED06.10.12 04:22:48 pm8 Years ago-
108841NitrogenBANNED08.11.12 04:13:41 pm3 Years agoNO - Norway
117372nikitaa123456BANNED23.03.13 05:49:41 am5 Years ago-
118664nOObertBANNED14.04.13 11:04:05 am8 Years agoDE - Germany
129597nigga-niggerBANNED04.12.13 04:06:15 am7 Years ago-
134232Nigga TylerBANNED31.03.14 02:21:43 pm7 Years agoUS - United States
134470NatanaelBANNED08.04.14 01:39:29 am6 Years ago-
135820new_darp2BANNED19.05.14 10:04:07 am7 Years ago-
141415nigga2014xdBANNED05.11.14 02:00:45 pm--
142027NicekillerBANNED29.11.14 06:42:18 am6 Years ago-
145143NIPsBANNED16.03.15 06:30:02 pm6 Years ago-
147372NiconEnemBANNED10.06.15 07:58:51 am6 Years agoUA - Ukraine
148565NoobManBANNED19.07.15 10:42:13 pm6 Years ago-
149421NoNormaLBANNED27.08.15 01:51:38 pm6 Years ago-
152433NarcoticosBANNED02.02.16 10:52:12 am4 Years ago-
153219nsadBANNED13.03.16 07:11:51 pm5 Years agoAL - Albania
153585nardi lakiBANNED03.04.16 05:09:42 pm5 Years ago-
156108nerdes1nBANNED06.09.16 12:18:33 am4 Years ago-
156378NawBANNED30.09.16 03:37:26 pm4 Years ago-
156880NoobTrollEverBuhahaBANNED13.11.16 05:13:25 pm4 Years ago-
157540nagykari101BANNED02.01.17 05:15:50 pm4 Years ago-
157967nosequeponerBANNED27.01.17 04:48:47 pm--
158804nagykari102BANNED15.03.17 12:39:27 pm--
158951nagykari103BANNED26.03.17 03:29:01 pm--
160928Nathan-65BANNED11.07.17 03:21:18 pm4 Years agoUS - United States
178216Not_JeffBANNED12.04.18 07:33:54 pm2 Years agoSA - Saudi Arabia
181904NeunathanBANNED30.10.18 06:41:21 pm2 Years ago-
18NelSoNCOMMUNITY BANNED2003/200417 Years ago-
1075NP_BetaCOMMUNITY BANNED17.08.06 04:36:30 pm10 Years ago-
6276NEMILFCOMMUNITY BANNED09.03.09 02:52:47 am12 Years ago-
15958Nomad369COMMUNITY BANNED18.07.10 10:56:02 am11 Years ago-
15494nazeyGAME BANNED25.06.10 03:40:34 am4 Years ago-
18726NqmNqmGAME BANNED17.08.10 01:40:38 pm3 Years ago-
93262NahGAME BANNED13.04.12 06:04:26 pm4 Years ago-
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