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5602LilCoderBANNED31.01.09 12:54:53 am11 Years ago-
12525LVBANNED25.01.10 05:14:18 pm10 Years ago-
18592LittlerickettBANNED16.08.10 10:02:52 pm--
23877lindo123BANNED07.09.10 06:59:51 am6 Years ago-
31214lol12345BANNED19.10.10 12:21:00 am--
31641llollollBANNED22.10.10 01:30:34 pm--
35461LostContactBANNED16.11.10 10:53:07 pm10 Years ago-
40174LoveGirlBANNED19.12.10 11:09:00 am10 Years ago-
53821lolhipppppBANNED21.03.11 09:38:00 am10 Years ago-
61493LopBANNED21.05.11 10:05:49 pm3 Years agoDE - Germany
62725Lighter CornerBANNED01.06.11 03:09:33 pm10 Years ago-
64485LoL GaMeRBANNED16.06.11 04:28:42 pm9 Years ago-
80457LolitaBANNED30.10.11 09:10:00 am9 Years ago-
89189LulzSecurityBANNED19.02.12 10:30:52 pm7 Years agoVA - Holy See (Vatican City State)
90476L00KBANNED07.03.12 03:25:59 pm9 Years ago-
94756Lucas_STARSBANNED04.05.12 04:07:43 am9 Years ago-
95409LulzRaftBANNED12.05.12 01:32:40 pm7 Years agoVA - Holy See (Vatican City State)
96790LearapBANNED01.06.12 06:48:56 pm9 Years agoFR - France
100918leegaoBANNED21.07.12 03:31:54 pm4 Years ago-
107768lindamaoBANNED23.10.12 07:26:37 am8 Years ago-
124485LucasENBANNED04.08.13 06:21:24 pm4 Years agoAR - Argentina
129108LOLISBImBANNED22.11.13 12:27:41 am7 Years ago-
129712lava girlBANNED07.12.13 10:58:26 am7 Years ago-
130908Lolman30BANNED04.01.14 06:55:17 pm7 Years ago-
137294LucasL888BANNED29.06.14 05:47:30 am5 Years agoAR - Argentina
145922LEFT - Other AccountBANNED18.04.15 11:52:07 am5 Years agoAL - Albania
149026lexsandro8333BANNED09.08.15 09:22:49 am6 Years ago-
149156LRFKBANNED15.08.15 03:04:16 am6 Years agoDE - Germany
150803Lionel MessiBANNED13.11.15 10:22:09 pm5 Years ago-
154203LeaderOfSkillsBANNED11.05.16 05:32:46 pm4 Years agoQA - Qatar
154287LevenBANNED17.05.16 06:47:58 pm--
154896LuisBoy5BANNED20.06.16 06:36:07 pm--
155507little biteBANNED25.07.16 08:29:08 am5 Years ago-
155759Lone CheetahBANNED11.08.16 03:28:10 am5 Years ago-
155966Lone_CheetahBANNED26.08.16 09:35:25 pm5 Years ago-
156103Lone-CheetahBANNED05.09.16 08:01:28 pm5 Years ago-
156239L1nuxBANNED17.09.16 02:23:24 am4 Years ago-
156298LagdicBANNED23.09.16 06:42:49 am--
158903LoL5666BANNED23.03.17 12:41:06 am4 Years ago-
159564lrhwyBANNED09.05.17 09:22:59 am4 Years ago-
160441LOLDDOSWEBUSGNBANNED17.06.17 04:15:35 pm4 Years ago-
161382LejkeeBANNED14.08.17 03:30:02 pm4 Years ago-
191023lucasbergmannBANNED22.10.20 01:54:18 pm6 Months agoDE - Germany
191520LuckyManThe2ndBANNED14.12.20 07:10:22 pm4 Months agoDE - Germany
192240luciham20BANNED22.02.21 03:56:08 am2 Months ago-
192441lerodmanjBANNED12.03.21 01:27:59 pm4 Weeks ago-
4351L3g3NdCOMMUNITY BANNED02.11.08 04:14:43 pm12 Years ago-
5236lusiCOMMUNITY BANNED10.01.09 01:03:54 pm11 Years ago-
9617LegendCOMMUNITY BANNED13.09.09 02:54:00 am11 Years ago-
9917lovekoriCOMMUNITY BANNED29.09.09 08:41:39 pm12 Years ago-
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