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15837JasoBANNED12.07.10 05:57:26 pm10 Years agoNL - Netherlands
45472jessicajingBANNED24.01.11 03:47:34 am10 Years ago-
48773josemaropedrero3BANNED12.02.11 07:42:56 pm6 Years ago-
49391Jp_meridaBANNED17.02.11 07:13:12 am10 Years ago-
65700jereBANNED26.06.11 05:11:35 am4 Years agoAR - Argentina
73172Jack2012BANNED24.08.11 12:09:44 pm10 Years ago-
75700jooaoalmeidaBANNED15.09.11 09:57:08 pm9 Years ago-
76901Jack20123BANNED26.09.11 10:31:52 am9 Years ago-
92653JOHNCORNERBANNED06.04.12 10:02:37 am9 Years ago-
103909JamesBondBRBANNED28.08.12 08:20:05 pm7 Years ago-
104839jorgeaBANNED09.09.12 08:51:56 pm8 Years ago-
113378jorgepsonBANNED15.01.13 06:52:11 am8 Years agoPH - Philippines
114714Jah BlessBANNED04.02.13 07:51:00 pm8 Years ago-
121388jhon quilarqueBANNED09.06.13 06:38:25 pm6 Years agoVE - Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
122914John WatersBANNED08.07.13 12:58:37 am8 Years agoUS - United States
125160Jizzy BustnutBANNED18.08.13 06:20:13 pm8 Years ago-
130777juanipro13BANNED02.01.14 08:23:46 am4 Years ago-
133501JerrykidsBANNED10.03.14 01:36:49 pm7 Years ago-
141356Janet06BANNED03.11.14 04:22:05 am6 Years ago-
142602juanicoBANNED17.12.14 03:25:38 pm5 Years agoPH - Philippines
144970jusui223ixBANNED09.03.15 01:36:44 am4 Years agoBR - Brazil
147010JoJaBANNED29.05.15 05:31:13 pm6 Years ago-
147146JoJa JoJaBANNED02.06.15 06:57:26 pm6 Years ago-
148151Jack ZzZBANNED06.07.15 04:56:26 pm6 Years agoAU - Australia
150233JegoluBANNED11.10.15 12:25:48 pm5 Years agoUS - United States
151719JAF Danel 24BANNED02.01.16 07:32:55 am5 Years ago-
152323joao_14_BrBANNED28.01.16 05:00:41 pm5 Years ago-
152700jamiryooo2BANNED15.02.16 04:52:45 pm4 Years ago-
152729joao_14_br_BANNED16.02.16 07:29:02 pm--
153726josephfrancisBANNED12.04.16 11:07:47 am5 Years ago-
155863JPARMIABANNED19.08.16 07:00:29 am5 Years ago-
156470JeteSuperManBANNED08.10.16 12:18:36 am4 Years agoPL - Poland
158881JumpOutBANNED21.03.17 08:58:52 pm4 Years ago-
171255Jere_The_HedgehogBANNED13.12.17 10:25:47 pm3 Years ago-
172224JamesoliverBANNED21.12.17 04:56:21 pm3 Years ago-
182045jamesgomes9797BANNED13.11.18 07:30:23 pm2 Years ago-
186510jackson1955BANNED01.11.19 05:08:50 pm1 Year ago-
187732jeremiyvedderA9BANNED19.02.20 03:48:54 am1 Year ago-
188766jamesridleyBANNED22.04.20 10:18:06 pm11 Months ago-
473JSniperCOMMUNITY BANNED04.04.05 01:25:32 pm15 Years ago-
10074justinlehnenCOMMUNITY BANNED10.10.09 12:07:46 pm11 Years ago-
13157josephjainCOMMUNITY BANNED24.02.10 02:49:18 pm11 Years ago-
100538Jiggy300COMMUNITY BANNED16.07.12 10:26:09 pm9 Years ago-
23084johncs2dGAME BANNED03.09.10 03:20:12 pm4 Years ago-
26851jakoscGAME BANNED23.09.10 07:19:28 am9 Years ago-
54670JoElH4Ck3rGAME BANNED27.03.11 07:39:46 am5 Years agoBR - Brazil
92699Jonas1578GAME BANNED06.04.12 06:34:20 pm6 Years ago-
150281jake33GAME BANNED14.10.15 08:17:03 am1 Year agoUZ - Uzbekistan
151799jassGAME BANNED05.01.16 06:22:48 pm--
154137juanpronoobsGAME BANNED07.05.16 11:20:17 am3 Years agoID - Indonesia
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