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251EXPERIENTEBANNED2003/20047 Years ago-
2997ErikBANNED12.04.08 05:33:46 pm13 Years ago-
7890eryeyeyBANNED14.06.09 08:24:56 pm5 Years ago-
8447Erik222BANNED11.07.09 08:40:35 pm12 Years ago-
8449Erik111BANNED11.07.09 08:53:27 pm12 Years ago-
15661emre070BANNED03.07.10 11:38:07 am11 Years ago-
18934eduxd0707BANNED18.08.10 07:26:23 am2 Years agoBR - Brazil
21556EduardoBANNED28.08.10 05:12:51 am10 Years ago-
27572edgarBANNED27.09.10 04:51:14 am10 Years ago-
35160edufriBANNED14.11.10 07:11:24 pm10 Years agoCL - Chile
37653Em0s98BANNED02.12.10 02:32:30 pm10 Years ago-
59188ERFBANNED02.05.11 12:42:26 am9 Years agoAE - United Arab Emirates
59358edgar565BANNED03.05.11 03:53:17 pm--
61802ELITESASBANNED24.05.11 12:17:42 pm10 Years ago-
70799Erik963BANNED04.08.11 02:16:49 pm9 Years ago-
75491elfing123BANNED13.09.11 02:35:32 pm7 Years ago-
78026elieltoncs1BANNED07.10.11 08:29:09 pm6 Years ago-
94305eoDBANNED28.04.12 12:44:28 pm5 Years ago-
98206EATDICKS68BANNED19.06.12 09:28:01 pm9 Years ago-
100645eXpLoitBANNED18.07.12 09:30:41 am8 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
119048elaine202BANNED22.04.13 05:46:36 am8 Years ago-
122389ex0ristoc2dBANNED27.06.13 10:37:26 pm4 Years ago-
126873ex0tlagodBANNED26.09.13 08:33:15 pm--
131719emonnenBANNED25.01.14 09:40:38 am7 Years ago-
131966eroBANNED31.01.14 07:13:11 pm--
134032EizdealerBANNED25.03.14 11:55:04 pm7 Years agoDE - Germany
135016EagleMasterBANNED21.04.14 05:02:01 pm7 Years ago-
141752EvaldasBANNED16.11.14 09:52:52 pm5 Years agoGB - United Kingdom
147843eoeo222BANNED26.06.15 11:05:55 pm--
148729ex01999BANNED26.07.15 12:06:00 pm--
156116eliteargBANNED06.09.16 07:10:08 am4 Years agoAR - Argentina
157038eXXaLTeDBANNED27.11.16 06:45:56 am4 Years agoDE - Germany
158333enzo123BANNED07.02.17 04:33:14 pm4 Years ago-
158940ewqsdaawdBANNED25.03.17 02:33:17 pm4 Years ago-
159443EITnoXBANNED01.05.17 02:55:00 am4 Years ago-
159445ElNahBANNED01.05.17 07:59:52 am--
159769Execute23BANNED25.05.17 10:18:56 pm4 Years ago-
160495Evaldas is BackBANNED20.06.17 05:27:17 am4 Years ago-
185575emma7373BANNED05.08.19 01:17:42 pm2 Years ago-
860ErsatzCOMMUNITY BANNED22.04.06 06:39:23 pm15 Years ago-
1266enrixCOMMUNITY BANNED10.11.06 08:20:14 pm13 Years ago-
4702eX TGV KILLAHCOMMUNITY BANNED05.12.08 04:46:36 pm12 Years ago-
5359evil-killerCOMMUNITY BANNED16.01.09 08:46:00 pm12 Years ago-
7546erik1996COMMUNITY BANNED24.05.09 03:00:51 pm11 Years ago-
9319El-BosnaviCOMMUNITY BANNED25.08.09 08:50:36 pm11 Years ago-
13947EyeCarambaCOMMUNITY BANNED05.04.10 03:00:03 pm11 Years ago-
175715Evaldas1669COMMUNITY BANNED31.01.18 03:00:08 pm1 Year ago-
22694emre07GAME BANNED01.09.10 02:36:50 pm9 Years agoTR - Turkey
88968eu sou muito ruimGAME BANNED17.02.12 05:13:41 pm8 Years agoBR - Brazil
126034ex0GAME BANNED05.09.13 01:33:05 pm4 Years ago-
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