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207DestumteseLBANNED2003/200417 Years ago-
254DeusKOBANNED2003/20047 Years ago-
2966deathstrokeBANNED03.04.08 09:38:36 pm7 Years agoSE - Sweden
6260D1aMoNdzBANNED08.03.09 04:22:42 am10 Years ago-
8481doom15BANNED13.07.09 04:10:43 pm10 Years ago-
9191Dead menBANNED20.08.09 11:39:59 am9 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
11140DataroxBANNED28.11.09 05:41:55 pm7 Years ago-
11245DaveRodecBANNED01.12.09 02:51:14 pm11 Years ago-
14285DarkCocknerBANNED24.04.10 09:45:42 am9 Years ago-
15257D1aMoNdBANNED12.06.10 10:32:16 pm11 Years ago-
19291Dont be hatingBANNED19.08.10 06:59:30 pm10 Years ago-
19994DonMateo07PLBANNED22.08.10 07:32:55 pm9 Years ago-
22394DuckieBANNED31.08.10 10:12:00 am--
30527dimak 909BANNED15.10.10 10:33:13 am10 Years ago-
35856DaronBANNED19.11.10 11:49:46 pm10 Years ago-
35867Dexter41BANNED20.11.10 02:08:33 am10 Years ago-
40815DeribasBANNED23.12.10 02:09:44 pm10 Years ago-
42898dexzero001BANNED06.01.11 06:36:49 am10 Years ago-
43799dsc112288BANNED12.01.11 05:17:08 pm10 Years ago-
45432drkzBANNED23.01.11 09:39:31 pm10 Years ago-
46909DudekBANNED01.02.11 09:06:21 pm10 Years ago-
49070DarkSuckerBANNED14.02.11 04:52:02 pm9 Years agoPH - Philippines
50936Drtrojan12BANNED27.02.11 07:34:08 am9 Years ago-
51314deletionBANNED02.03.11 02:47:35 pm8 Years agoLT - Lithuania
58827deronaldo123BANNED29.04.11 03:17:25 pm10 Years ago-
59087DiamentalBANNED01.05.11 01:51:49 pm9 Years ago-
59167dexzer0001BANNED01.05.11 08:44:45 pm10 Years ago-
59169dexzer001BANNED01.05.11 09:08:57 pm10 Years ago-
59170d3xzero001BANNED01.05.11 09:25:50 pm10 Years ago-
61761DumbCuntBANNED23.05.11 08:44:48 pm--
62579diponsivesBANNED31.05.11 06:27:28 am--
63808DreamcatcherBANNED10.06.11 06:54:29 pm10 Years ago-
64818deathtroll_BANNED19.06.11 12:09:38 am10 Years ago-
68713DanMBANNED20.07.11 12:01:57 am4 Years ago-
70798darkkadirBANNED04.08.11 02:03:31 pm10 Years ago-
70887Dekekx2BANNED05.08.11 09:27:44 am9 Years ago-
79626DC-BANNED23.10.11 06:55:14 am9 Years ago-
81010Duded2BANNED04.11.11 01:46:16 am--
82252derkleine22BANNED18.11.11 03:31:15 pm9 Years ago-
85180david the killerBANNED29.12.11 03:19:25 pm9 Years agoDE - Germany
86056DarkCocker69BANNED09.01.12 09:59:15 pm9 Years ago-
87298DCadminBANNED26.01.12 12:50:40 pm9 Years ago-
87615Derek11281BANNED30.01.12 03:16:35 am8 Years agoAR - Argentina
93912Denisdu13BANNED22.04.12 09:06:30 am9 Years agoFR - France
96707DC_BANNED31.05.12 12:45:57 pm9 Years agoAE - United Arab Emirates
98268Dild0m1staBANNED20.06.12 07:19:31 pm9 Years ago-
100220DarkYoloBANNED13.07.12 07:46:31 pm9 Years ago-
100221DEYCBANNED13.07.12 07:52:08 pm9 Years ago-
101125doudou002BANNED24.07.12 05:12:54 am9 Years ago-
102872DerCooleCheckerBANNED15.08.12 08:36:26 pm9 Years ago-
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