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113akumura123BANNED2003/20047 Years ago-
265AzmodaiiBANNED2003/20047 Years ago-
478Alex_DrackiBANNED09.04.05 09:49:08 am7 Years ago-
1396Ajsec5000BANNED08.01.07 09:42:08 pm14 Years ago-
1704AdidasOFC1BANNED02.04.07 12:28:48 pm7 Years agoBR - Brazil
12425AshelinBANNED21.01.10 09:56:58 pm7 Years agoLV - Latvia
14433almalindoBANNED01.05.10 09:06:21 pm6 Years ago-
18272azazazaBANNED15.08.10 09:24:04 pm11 Years ago-
18306asdasd2BANNED15.08.10 11:00:28 pm--
21104AndroiDoidoBANNED26.08.10 09:57:28 pm3 Years ago-
22246abdulkadirBANNED30.08.10 03:59:16 pm11 Years ago-
22501atombombBANNED31.08.10 05:37:48 pm11 Years ago-
22907ADIDAS1BANNED02.09.10 04:23:23 pm4 Years agoAL - Albania
25906AKINCIBANNED17.09.10 08:08:44 pm4 Years ago-
34121adolf hitlerBANNED07.11.10 08:11:14 pm10 Years ago-
36514A D E gabrielsniperBANNED24.11.10 12:19:57 pm10 Years ago-
40193a d e vrsBANNED19.12.10 12:42:38 pm10 Years ago-
40565AmigoGringoBANNED21.12.10 08:01:34 pm9 Years ago-
42326attstylezBANNED02.01.11 04:51:38 pm9 Years agoBR - Brazil
44417akula141BANNED16.01.11 08:07:34 pm10 Years ago-
53848AttBANNED21.03.11 03:03:34 pm10 Years ago-
55196asserdewBANNED31.03.11 07:14:51 pm10 Years ago-
56645adminbansmeistillregisterBANNED11.04.11 07:50:33 pm10 Years ago-
57742abendriseBANNED20.04.11 02:22:24 pm10 Years ago-
60675anon96BANNED14.05.11 11:16:57 pm10 Years ago-
65642agashcenaBANNED25.06.11 08:12:37 pm9 Years ago-
69039AccentionBANNED22.07.11 05:51:01 pm9 Years ago-
71481apilashBANNED10.08.11 01:22:00 pm9 Years ago-
73306Angel MontezBANNED25.08.11 03:25:21 pm4 Years agoVE - Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
76509alex_1BANNED23.09.11 02:56:49 am6 Years ago-
77922AngryDickheadBANNED06.10.11 10:02:12 pm9 Years ago-
79054ActiveBANNED17.10.11 02:56:05 am9 Years agoUS - United States
85127ALPHACLANBANNED28.12.11 07:26:20 pm9 Years ago-
85489agashBANNED02.01.12 02:25:04 pm9 Years ago-
87888asha2010BANNED03.02.12 11:42:40 am9 Years ago-
94297ArainlessBANNED28.04.12 11:01:34 am9 Years agoFR - France
94922AtlAnTiSBANNED05.05.12 07:17:52 pm9 Years ago-
96403apilash2010BANNED26.05.12 09:52:48 pm9 Years ago-
96906Andrey2012BANNED02.06.12 10:47:49 pm--
97848AsuLBANNED15.06.12 05:29:09 pm9 Years ago-
98197Arda03BANNED19.06.12 07:48:15 pm9 Years agoTF - French Southern Territories
100262afflelou69BANNED14.07.12 03:41:31 am--
100264asdflol123BANNED14.07.12 03:45:54 am--
105359alt255BANNED16.09.12 03:19:04 pm8 Years ago-
105540AdolfHitlerBANNED19.09.12 12:02:49 pm8 Years ago-
108194anapaula_cs2dBANNED29.10.12 02:46:10 pm8 Years ago-
111957alecscBANNED26.12.12 07:36:30 am8 Years ago-
116432AQPro8BANNED05.03.13 08:29:44 am8 Years agoPH - Philippines
117986AroNBANNED02.04.13 12:45:22 pm5 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
120151abhirup27022001BANNED16.05.13 03:06:25 pm6 Years ago-
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