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English Monopoly mod (Russian language)

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old Monopoly mod (Russian language)

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Once in my youth, when computers first appeared, I played a variation of chess in which, when attacking a piece, it was not the attacker who won, but the one who wins in a mini-battle.
Later, I wondered: what would happen if Stranded and monopoly were combined?
And so, after a lot of trial and error, I present you the Stranded Monopoly mod in my social group!
This is a game for 1-6 players. Each turn represents a day on one of the islands of the Monopoly archipelago.
Unfortunately, I can't post links, so files can be downloaded from my profile on website
The mod is in Russian, like all my mods.
There are bugs, read the readme!

Additionally, can any of the autors/mod creators help?
There are two problems with prolonged gameplay:
- the game is slowing down. Can this be fixed? (the same thing is present with prolonged play in other mods)
- some global variables are lost, which is why the current character is reset.
Problems do not exist with short-term play, but the risk of losing gameplay by the player creates a certain moral inconvenience.
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