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English Lighting isn't supporting

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old Lighting isn't supporting

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Help me everytime I try to join a "Force lighting" server it say this
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I try both OpenGL and DirectX but both didn't work
Please help plzzzz.

old Re: Lighting isn't supporting

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Start from the first solution since OpenGL rendering has been programmed very poorly in CS2D and there is an excessive render latency for no reason. If that didn't work, then go for the other solutions respectively.


(For DirectX):
- Make sure you have DirectX installed in your device (DirectX Redist)
Restart your device and switch to DirectX in-game then restart the game. Once again, make sure you've switched to DirectX in-game. One way to check it is to enable the CS2D FPS Huds, and under it, it will show whether you're using GL(OpenGL) or DX(DirectX).

(For OpenGL):
2: Just as @user DC: said, make sure you have the correct and latest Graphic drivers installed for your video card. Usually, you can find the drivers for your device model at your device manufacturer website. Careful, avoid using random automatic driver updater tools as they might install a graphic driver for you that doesn't suit or is not made for your video card.

(For OpenGL): - If other solutions weren't helpful
3: This one is riskier than the other solutions, and is usually for the really old video cards. Try to find a modified of opengl32.dll that is made for older video cards and they usually support a range of different old video cards, then what you have to do is go to OS:\Windows:\System32 and replace the current one (first create a backup of the original one), and restart.

Once you've restarted, go to CS2D and switch to GL, restart the game and make sure you've switched to GL.

• If none of these solutions helped, then I'd suggest dropping the following information about your device:
- Your OS
- Your Device Model
- Your Graphic Driver

This way we can check it out for you if you're using the right graphic driver or if it even supports the game (which I highly doubt).
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