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Spark Fountain
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Recently there was an announcement made by Unity, the game engine which is also used for the development of Stranded III. Unity wants to add a fee for each time a game is installed, at least if a threshold of revenue is exceeded. (More infos can be found e.g. here:

Do you think this will affect the game development of Unreal Software? Will @user DC: consider changing the engine or rather not, because the effort would not be worth it?

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user Spark Fountain has written
Unity wants to add a fee for each time a game is installed, at least if a threshold of revenue is exceeded.

As far as I know @user DC: is releasing the games usually for free, so there's no revenue to be made in the first place.

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DC mentioned that he might price the game.

That fee does not apply for Unity versions already released except LTS. Also it doesn't apply on Unity Personal license.

You have referenced outdated information, Unity had retracted their original proposition and resigned their CEO.
You have option to pay 2.5% of your revenue instead.
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After a massive (and well deserved) shit storm Unity was kind of forced to change their original plans. So like user SQ stated I would only be affected if I would switch to the newest Unity LTS version which will probably be releasted like mid 2024 (that would be Unity 2023 LTS). Plus even then it would only affect me if I would make more than 200.000$. It's not decided yet if I will sell Stranded III but right now it's more likely that it will be free.

Still what Unity did was incredibly stupid and huge failure on so many levels. They destroyed a lot of trust.

Personally I'm not very happy with Unity anyway. They introduced 2 new incomplete and broken render pipelines which basically makes all visual things super annyoing, complicated and incompatible. Also instead of fixing and improving existing features and systems they just deprecate them and replace them with new ones. Forcing all users to learn new systems. It's a horrible approach.

Stranded III won't be affected at all by this. I have no plans to switch the engine because that would be madness and cost too much time.

I'm not very motivated to use Unity again for new projects. I'll definitely evaluate other options before starting a new project.
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