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02.02.23 08:52:13 pm
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Hi Peter!

This can be a little confusing, but I've been following your projects for many years, I played all your productions and that was part of my story. I would really appreciate it if you could report in some way your trajectory as a developer, a few years ago I've been developing a game called "Native Hunter", with a similar theme, but different!

And your trajectory inspires me a lot, it would be a great pleasure to be able to hear you or understand how all this happened, I mean, about: Unreal Software, CS2D, the Stranded series, how old it all started and etc...
This message is being sent with great affection from a big fan!

Note: I may be posting this in an inappropriate place, forgive me for that, I just need this message to reach you!
02.02.23 10:52:22 pm
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Hi, glad to hear that I / my work inspired you in some way.

You can read some stuff here https://www.unrealsoftware.de/about.php
And also here https://www.unrealsoftware.de/about.php?timeline=1

Other than that it's just that I was fascinated by PCs and video games from the first time I saw and used/played them. I was especially fascinated by the creative freedom and the (more or less) unlimited resources they offer. If you build with bricks in real life you're limited by the amount of bricks you have. If it's digital however you can have as many bricks as you like.

We didn't have internet at home when we got our first PC so I learned programming with a book which also had floppy disks with a program/programming language called "Super Logo" on it.

I also tried to make basic "games" with Power Point and animations with Corel Move.

Later (when we had internet) I found Flash (RIP) and made animations and little games with it. I also made my own website and learned HTML, CSS, PHP to do so. Later also MySQL and JavaScript.

I also found Blitz3D on the internet and used it for Stranded I, II, the first version of CS2D and some other small projects. Later I used BlitzMax (successor of Blitz3D) to make a better and cross platform version of CS2D. I did all this as a hobby because I genuinely enjoyed the process of creating something. The idea for Stranded came from an article in a magazine about the Game Boy game "Stranded Kids" (I never played it, I didn't have a Game Boy at that time) and I was also inspired by the game "Schiffbruch". I only made CS2D because CS crashed so often on my old pc.

After school and military service I wanted to study. There were only very few video game courses at universities at that time and most of those were private and expensive (in Germany studying on state universities is free in most cases). Therefore I decided to study regular computer science and received a bachelor of science in the end.

After studying I worked at several IT companies. Also at gaming companies - which I still do til today.

Oh and of course I also found Unity and decided to learn C# and to make Stranded III with it.
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