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15.04.21 10:55:51 pm
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Years and years go on, and i do remember old days very well. I registered this account in 2009, but only because i forgot my password for the old one that was made before 2009. So yeah, this is a second account. DC can ban me now. 12 years later. Iam sorry.

I will NEVER forget all the shit with oxytamime. Mod realy had to learn patience^^ But hey, they never banned us finally. They know we did some shit every 2 month, they trashed it, and iam sure they also laughed sometimes! it was just so much brainless shit, that it was diamond trash!

Also remember how i registered a "Kleingewerbe" (german small company, with very low incoming but it was safer to do it so) to host CS2d server. Always had happy costumers for 3€ a month^^ I didnt earned money with it, it was like: 10 costumers for 3€ a month pay the 29€ server costs. but hey, i got a server for free for my personal hobbys! learned html, php, how to set up and work with linux servers and things like this. still got a little server and iam writing a small webgame these days. so if you want, this community brought me forward to what i am able to do today. Thanks to everybody for the time
06.05.21 09:51:48 pm
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I only started playing in about 2013, but man do I have a lot of memories...
There used to be some interesting and really good servers, but sadly - they're dead now.
I remember being such a newbie to U.S.G.N.
In somewhere about 2014 in Ninja Life I asked someone for their account and... Holy shit, they actually gave it to me. Although later they took it back, but I didn't do anything with it. Yes, that's right, I didn't even know how to make U.S.G.N.
This account isn't even mine, I didn't make this, my friend did.
Why did u revive the game again?
15.05.21 12:07:22 pm
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I started off cs2d with the fws servers. I wasn’t even old enough to register for an account at that time yet I got one just to play the fws super hero server. It was super fun, especially when you had the RPG launcher and other abilities. There I met @user _Yank: bearing the name Mano (I think so) who also happened to be a moderator there, he helped me initially to find my way around cs2d (especially with the fws servers), sadly it was all short lived ‘cause fws servers were then taken off for a very long time.@user cpt_kenpachi: We still remember you for those super awesome servers and rest in peace.

Then came the community phase, been grateful to meet a lot of wonderful friends here, used to team up with them to start communities and together hosted several servers,that feeling when you see 32/32

It was not until 6-7 years ago, I became actif in the usgn forum, I have had my share of being completely immature and unreasonable to a lot of people which I regret even to this day, btw is the usgn discord channel still a thing?

My whole phase of growing up surrounded around this small game, it is this game that introduced me to most of the techs from photoshop to coding, this community shaped me as a person, helped me improve my language, and ofcourse met a lot of wonderful people here like @user SpriNG who happens to be my life long friend.

So long CS2D
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