English Titanium Maps Not Compatible

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20.02.19 11:28:51 pm
Assassin moder
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As I see you just made "extensions" by simply putting other people's stuff in it..

I just downloaded youer 2.5 mod, and a lot of strings are missing (text) and animated hands are broken, sounds are missing, you based it on a german version mostly? and random map give's memory acces violation so yeah.. you just made a BIG mess.. and nothing is changed in your version except for bugs..
20.02.19 11:37:35 pm
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Im with Assassin moder (unsurprisingly)
your mod is very messy, and your ambition even moreso,
i used to be like you, ambitious projects dont work.
you can't expect to follow something through when you barely have a clue how basic programming works, let alone the source code.

it sounds as if you mashed together extensions from both english and german versions, do you have even any idea how to organise them? do you even know how to translate from german or vice versa?
20.02.19 11:39:08 pm
Super User
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Hmm... I must not have uploaded the fixed version. Anyway, just try the regular "everything on it".

p.s. the extensions are too complex, so I will be doing away with them in the next update.

I did previously fix the text but I lost the file, so I guess I will have to retry.

The random map? I can fix that easily by putting new files in the folder. I guess I forgot to do that.

Anyway, thanks for finding all of the holes in my s2.5 extension. I knew about some, but others I didn't know about.

Animated hands? I wondered why they weren't animated. I just assumed that it was always like that. I guess i'm not very observant.

Well, that gives me a lot for my to-do list.

Will fix the bugs as soon as possible.

For now, just download Stranded II Enhanced - Everything on it. Just the regular version while I fix bugs with other versions.

Thanks for the info-

p.s. I was writing this reply while user Jawohl was typing

Yeah, I know how to fix the bugs. I guess I forgot about them

and nothing is changed in your version except for bugs..

That's false. In the original version I couldn't build a hammer along with other thing. Because the hammer is vital, and there might be other problems that make it divert from regular SII playability.

With that aside, yes I am fixing the bugs.

Ok. Version is fixed. Here's the link.

> Stranded II Enhanced - 2.5 Platform

p.s. Didn't mean to mark as new. Sry.
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Latest Stranded II Enhanced Update > file stranded2 Stranded II Enhanced (3) (update 8/1/20)
01.03.19 12:37:27 pm
Assassin moder
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@user ModJuicer: No, i think you wanted to do that, you are always doing that when your thread is on the bottom.. and please, do not post here stuff about your fixed mod when its just an other thread..
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