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English Map Cycle Voting

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old Map Cycle Voting


Why not all maps from mapcycle are shown in voting menu? I want all maps in map cycle to be visible, how to do that?

old Re: Map Cycle Voting

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I think it's limited you can add only 16 maps for menu but players can still vote the other maps in mapcyle with cs2d cmd votemap command.

old Re: Map Cycle Voting

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I'm not sure but I think I limited it because it was easier to implement that way (related to network package size and stuff). Or maybe it's some kind of bug. Anyway: Apparently you can't list them all. At least there is no setting related to that.

I recommend to put the most popular maps in your map cycle first so they appear. That should be fine for most use cases. Having a huge list is not the smartest idea anyway when it comes to voting.

If you really want and need a huge list with all maps though, you probably have to write/find a Lua voting solution.

And yes, user Yunuu is right regarding the voting: People can (manually) vote for all maps on the cycle, including the ones not being displayed in the UI.
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