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21.12.17 05:08:05 pm
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Hello, here I bring a proposal to the moderators of the game, to create a system of permanent bans called Destroys, this system that detects any program hack / cheat engine or any nonsense that hackers use, this ban is given automatically and not manually by somebody. I propose pork I've seen speedhacks walking around there on servers and nobody votes, I call it Destroy System because it is an AntiHack that destroyed any hacker, do you have programmers that can create it?

They always end up bane the innocent
21.12.17 07:05:34 pm
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Please search before posting. There were thousands of threads about this.

CS2D has some built in functions for this (especially for speed hacking) which can be enabled. There are also some Lua scripts for this.

There will never be a cross-server perm ban solution however because of the nature of user hosted servers. It's too risky. Someone could hack the system and ban innocent people. Moreover someone would have to review all complaints from users who get banned. I have no resources to deal with this. Nope.

There will always be cheaters and we can't do much about it.

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