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07.06.17 02:19:51 pm
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Hello Guys,

Do you have any idea how much is the max tile that can I make in the latest version of CS2D? What I meant like how many pixels max.

And with the new "3D" mode, is it possible to have a different tile for the same crate (tile) on the left side example?

Plus a small request, anybody can give me some suggestion how to hide a specific place on the map with a big black overlay?

So, someone enters the house, but you still see the black image over the house, even the player, who in the house see the whole house inside.

Sorry for the horrible English, but I still need some coffee to wake up.

Thank you!
07.06.17 02:40:13 pm
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Idk about whole shit, but.
It's not possible to hide image only for certain player(except he's only who see that)
U should need to make 32(or how much you have maxplayers) roof-images(or adding them when each player joins the server, or adding them when they're near house)
/to hide specific area, you can draw minimap, hide by pixels the part you need, then scale it on map editor, but edges would be smooth. Or you can use block.bmp and scale it to hide some parts.
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