English Game Banned Reasons?

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31.07.16 08:19:41 am
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In this case , i'm asking a reason about my ban on the game .

I have not played for more than 1 month and now i enter the community and see that i'm banned in the game, literally i did nothing wrong .

I am waiting for their answers administrators..
31.07.16 08:40:43 am
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Lol, and that you are cheater? I have no proof but we both know that you are. When you played one server with laser and running like a bitch. Then you said that you don't have any proof bcs you caught no usgn. Anyway idc. Your rank is true deserved. Or maybe you not cheating anymore but: Once cheater - always a cheater.
31.07.16 09:56:39 am
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The fact that you didn't play for more than a month it doesn't prove that you DIDN'T cheat. To explain the motive behind your game ban, both your IP and the USGN ID were logged while using the "fake" cheat. This was purposely used to catch out the culprits of cheating infractions.

Thus your USGN ID was listed amongst others and so, being enforced a game ban to those accounts including yours.

> http://www.cs2d.net/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5746

That being said so, this thread will get locked and if you have something to dispute or talk, feel free to contact me via PM but that won't lift the ban in ANY WAY. You'll eventually learn from your mistakes.
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