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08.04.16 01:47:47 pm
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It seems that you tried to cs2d lua cmd addhook a cs2d lua hook trigger hook and there's no function for that hook. To solve this either delete the cs2d lua cmd addhook code or create a function for that hook.
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09.04.16 07:42:20 pm
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user Rainoth yes, timer not work, but I not understand what means 'third timer parameter'

So you want to disable buttons for a while and then re-enable them?

not all buttons, only which player used

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10.04.16 05:01:29 am
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It would be so much easier if people wrote what they are trying to do instead of just throwing a bunch of meaningless code.

Tell me what you are trying to do and maybe I will help you. I can't waste time just trying to guess what you're trying to do.
10.04.16 01:35:52 pm
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@user HESY: That's exactly what my code does. BUT you have to understand that trigger control works by passing what NAME of trigger you have to use. In other words, if you have triggers with the same name, they will all get triggered. It's actually a convenience in most cases, since you disable all triggers you no longer need. However, if you want to disable separate triggers, you'll have to use different names for them.

I understand that you have triggers:

"debug" x 10
and clicking one of them will disable all of them for a while.

You'll have to set up:

and define a function for each of them (what function does can be the same).

Hope that helps.
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