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English 5th Era Armory [ VOTE ]

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Wanna see how I do my skins?

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old Total Replacement Pack.

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Heyo folks,

As the title mentioned, I'm working on something big. It will replace everything inside the weapons folder. So I won't be releasing any standalone files for now so that I can focus on this.. 3 years old that never released into public-kind of file, I'm reviving it 'nuff said.

> Why is it with purple stripes?
• I wish I can ask myself from 3 years ago.

> Will you accept requests for my weapons to be included in this pack?
• Unlikely but possible.

> SFX be included?
• That entirely depends on how lazy I am or hope for miracles to happen. Of course I won't upload cheap sfxes.

old Big guns get some love too!

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Both of them have their own _m images just in case if you want it as M249 replacement even tho' it's already there. I noticed no one made gatling guns these days, so here it is.


old Re: 5th Era Armory [ VOTE ]

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Panzercheck, replacement for RPG Launcher. It's nazi anti-tank weapon.

I looking for that skin. Sorry, i too lazy for host the image.

old [This post is important!] Jd's Weapon Request

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It would be so nice if you accept my request on these weapons. Well the post is old so you better accept it!

user jdramirez165 has written
So i played BO2 so much & really like the weapons, can you plz make these weapons on this list?

Spoiler >

If you don't reply to me, i'll go shoot myself in the foot!

old Re: 5th Era Armory [ VOTE ]

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@user jdramirez165: I may do a BO2 skin pack. I just need to confirm if I have a free time or not.

Hey user CY, are you a manga or doujin artist of some sort, because you drawed the tank turret in a drawing pad, didn't you?
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