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30.10.14 10:29:24 pm
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Hello guys. I'm working on my Base Builder server. I want to have shop on F2 (different for T and CT). And points as money for buying items in the shop. I am not lua programmer. I am only mapper. x)
Really thanks for script samples.
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31.10.14 02:03:22 am
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So you want someone to do work just for you for free? Yeah no, I doubt anyone would do that. Use the dinosaur tool, I bet someone made something like that already. Or learn Lua and do it yourself.
Also if it's just normal items, you can change the buy menu, no scripting required.
cs2d cmd mp_buymenu.
The downsides are that it has fixed prices, both teams use this list, and some items may not work. Also of course it uses the normal currency, so if you wanted to get these points in a specific way, you won't be able to do that with this method.
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31.10.14 12:06:22 pm
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Hmmm fairly sure I have similar script lying around somewhere.

Might be useful >

Mind that I wrote this long ago so I can't guarantee if everything will work properly. Still, you might try to do it on the basis of this one.
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05.11.14 05:56:22 am
Raaj Nadar
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Even if you don't know to script at least learn to Edit them well but remember one thing to credit the real Hero who made the file.

Best of luck for you server.
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