English about CS2D and me .

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11.06.14 12:43:47 am
CS2D Boss
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CS2D learned me more things , action , launguage and more !
I learned English , my teacher of English appreciate my work !
I give a good thanks for all users that they made launguages at CS2D . I stay learning launguages , and I give a big thanks for DC . our best , only one that help our . I appreciate all moderators Blazzing / Starkkz , but useigor , I see his works changing times to times , he is the good one like others .
My friends @user AlcatrazZ: and @user Varna97: and all U.S users are the bests @user XoOt: , a wonderful mapper and skinner , Unreal Software is building my life up to up and learning more things .

Thanks to us for the good working .
I hope you will appreciate this .
11.06.14 01:22:17 am
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nobody cares. (spongebob)

and I think about your topic goes here
My curse will sail against the wind and enrage the earth.
11.06.14 06:51:14 pm
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@user CS2D Boss: I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing
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