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hello everybody,!
I'm coding a mini game, && I used triggers to display the score, the mini game is only playable with 2 player, so I have to open 2 CS2D for doing the test.
the problem is that on the cs2d server the both trigger "0" to display the player 1 score work (exist?) but when I join my server at local with an other CS2D.exe these triggers doesn't work (exist?).

comment#1 : I have this problem only for the both "0" from player1 score.

comment#2 : when I send trigger $tgr_player1_for0 in the server console, it work fine. but nothing happen on the client, it look like the trigger doesn't exist for the client.

comment#3 : when a client connect to the server, the both "0" are displayed for them, (without calling the trigger in the lua) till the client choose his team (ct/tt), then the both 0 disapear.



EDIT : MODS can close the threat, it seem only me got this isolated bug
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