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English vote of my name

22 replies
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which name best fits?

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64.71% (22)
pirate is stranded
5.88% (2)
brazil pirate
8.82% (3)
8.82% (3)
unreal software defensor
8.82% (3)
2.94% (1)
34 votes cast

old Re: vote of my name

Assassin moder
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@user medeiros: What do you have for Polish womans? They are the pretties one

Hmm.. choosing an "unreal software" words into your nick isn't too good idea though.. yes, you are a part of it but not to special and creative nick.

old Re: vote of my name

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user buraxia3 has written

Please do not discriminate boobs like that. Boobs wouldn't appreciate being a part of unrael sotfwaer defensor's (didn't have to change last word to make it ridiculous) nick.

He is also no captain, young padawan.
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