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23.01.21 07:42:47 pm
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Awesome, thanks for the advice! I'm getting ready to start a new island and utilize what I've learned so far. Starting with finding grain and planting it early and sticking with water rocks rather than a distiller until I really need salt. I'm going to consider the first game my "practice run!" lol

I'm still gonna do easy mode tho, because I want to get a good handle on the mechanics before I start dealing with hostiles.

Edit: Forgive me but I've searched this forum for an hour and the search function is terrible!

I woke up 1 morning to find my treehouse gone. I'm assuming it was damaged in a storm but I can't figure out how to tell if a building is damaged or how to fix it. Now every time it storms I'm expecting to wake up outside with my hut gone!

Can you fish off boats or rocks? It just keeps telling me I can't fish there. What's the point in a boat if I take it out to where the fish are then can't fish? Then when I drive it, it's incredibly slow and I'm standing on top of the sail. I must be doing something wrong.

I found a bug. I found an orange tree and marked it on my map. The next day, I didn't see a map marker, so I thought I messed up and marked it again. This time, I checked immediately and it wasn't marked. So, you can't mark the word "orange" in the map. It won't let you and doesn't waste a charcoal either so that's good. I had to fool the map by marking it "otree". lol
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