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English Custom Maps and Stuff

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old Re: Custom Maps and Stuff

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Aww... fail... sorry, my bad, I'm new here, so I'm still a little confused. I'm gonna post this map on the file archive, then.

old Re: Custom Maps and Stuff

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user Aythadis has written
Just posting up some old videos of the levels that I was building way back when... If anyone sees a level that they want me to finish, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Youtube Link -

*~Yes I know this thread is old, but its a sticky thread and if DC didn't want it he would have deleted the thread by now~*

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After just one day? wow

old hunger games map

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could someone make a hunger games map
(huge map,deathmatch,hidden weapons and stuff,you know what i mean :))
i would do it my self but there are people beter in the editor than me i suck

sry for my bad english
so please make a hunger games map someone !!!

old Re: Custom Maps and Stuff

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Can someone make me a map based on typical MOBA games, like DotA or LOL?

To be more specific, this type of map is very symmetrical, and it usually has 3 lanes, one cutting the map in half, and two on the sides.

I need it to at least 10 players, i think 100x100 should do the trick.

I already have searched for this type of map here, but I didn't find any conclusive/suitable findings.

Thanks in advance

old Re: Custom Maps and Stuff

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hello there, I'm a map disigner in cs2d, I make a competitive map lately.the sign in this map in chinese becouse I am from china(i still try to write some english words), and my english is not very nice, so I can not express my ideas accurately.
Anymay, here's my map,with the gfx & backgrounds. I hope you guys can check my file smoothly...yeah the net disk is from china too XD.
Call me when any problem happen.
unrealsoftware.d【DELETE THIS】e/files_show.p【AND THIS】hp?file=18096
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old war_sealand

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This is my first map!


Description included.

Spoiler >

old Bomb Defusal map, Company

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Hi there, im Milkcake here to recommend my first map i made and uploaded, it just a Bomb Defuse / Deathmatch game mode map based from de_cs2d, office themed map the "de_company"

Its my very first map i uploaded, please dont insult if its bad
I'm not allowed to post links so just search my map on unreal software de, type Company not de_company

an update coming soon
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