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Hi all. I want to know how to make server with dedicated server. See how i made server:
1. I open dedicated server.
2. I wait 10 minutes.
3. and my ip
4. I am sad

How to make server?
I make with Wi-Fi system.
I have router D-Link.
I want to make my server
But i cant
Pls help me guys and admin DC.
Thanks for reading my thread!
24.08.10 12:05:34 pm
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This IP is LAN ip, but I don't know how to avoid this.
24.08.10 12:08:55 pm
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I'm not sure what your nick is about. doesn't sound very good...

read http://www.unrealsoftware.de/forum_posts.php?post=117400#jn

it's common that it shows your local IP and not your internet IP when you are behind a router. nothing to worry about.

what you have to worry about are your router and firewall settings. check your manual and the linked thread and www.cs2d.com/faq

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