English Stranded cheats!!!

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24.06.10 07:59:44 pm
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when you in game press ctrl+alt+c and enter the cheat (do not press +)
cheat: efect:
snickers - no hunger.
i feel good - full energy, no hunger, thirst and fatigue.
i want coke - no thirst.
need bed from ikea - no fatigue.
hercules - 100 power.
stoneage - 50 pebbles.
bob the builder - does not require masonry.
(must be in constricton place)
the garden of eden - plants grow up.
tooltime hrhrhr - unlock all tools.
fear my spear - preserved spear.
speaking turtles - player is "high".
welcome to the sad world - player is no longer "high".
time 4 a big battle - all weapons, unlimited ammunition and spears.
unreal software rockz - energy will be 9999.
radioactive - everything is green.
size- - plants will be smaller.
size+ - plants will be larger.
wth? giants! - animals will be larger.

Have fun .
24.06.10 09:28:05 pm
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What the fuck?!
Just some posts below yours there's a thread with the exact same subject! Oh, c'mon, how couldn't you see it?
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