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11.12.08 05:22:35 am
Italian Sniper
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I was thinking and many of ppl want this but it always dont go through lol

so im thinking f each player can get personal online stats for cs2d for like playing in the games(servers)

and when they exit there score will be put on there account?

just wondering probaly not going to go through but who cares its worth a shot
11.12.08 07:20:28 am
bad idea. it sucks.
11.12.08 12:29:16 pm
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people would start to hack this feature and to manipulate their stats. or they would open their own server and play against low skilled bots just to push their stats. moreover I don't accept any suggestions atm.

there are already rankings for individual servers (I'll probably add commands like "rank" later) but there will be no overall scores for all servers.

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