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I don't know if this already exists or not, but i could not find any good one so I decided to write my own with @user MikuAuahDark. It's 100% pure vanilla lua 5.1, without using CS2D API or special libraries.
Somebody might need this. If you have any issue, or if there's any bugs let us know.
the code is pretty ugly, i havent put any extra effort into it, as long as it works its fine to me. the purpose of the script is to show you how to read a CS2D map file as the official documentation is very confusing.

put the map name into the "map" variable as a string with the file extension ".map".
would look something like this
local map_folder = "maps/" -- assuming the script is in CS2D folder
local map = ""

Contains everything about the map:
(1) HEADER √
(2) Tile Modes √
(3) Tile Heights √
(4) Map √
(5) Entities √
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4 kb, 20 Downloads


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Not long ago, I just have finished my own map reading script o.0. Anyway, thanks for the code.

ps: Noticing that you didn't write the save part, I uploaded my own script, this script can save the modified map information, url: file cs2d CS2D Map Reader v2
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