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08.10.11 01:35:20 am
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• Please note that these skin replacements are two years old and is incomplete. Updating this mod is in consideration of FaqAp and his team see the official thread: here.

Recorded version activity:
RE-RELEASE: 28-05-11 @ official topic (broken).
RE-RELEASE: 07-10-11 @ files section.

> Description:

Fallout Wars:
Download links were broken again, so I finally decided to upload it to the never 'breakable' files section of unrealsoftware.de.

I added the 'Plasma Rifle' which is already a year old or so
but got never released. Fixed the Plasma Rifle drop icon, it indeed was the wrong one...

Well, here is the most complete version to date.
Huge thanks to FaqAp; the 'to-do list' has been shortened.

Notice the screenshots are old (I am too lazy to make new ones) when the mod was being made and not necessarily are accurate to what they will look now (i.e. cs2d has now a proper resized weapon shop images).

Also thanks to Secritek for mentioning the download links were broken.

Render Information:
Quickly added a very simple render, couldn't just upload old screenshots without showing some of the weapons FaqAp has made. High Resolution render is not included.


> Credit List:
- Combat Knife
- Chainsaw Axe
- 10mm Pistol
- Chinese Assault Rifle
- Perforator/Infiltrator
- Sniper Rifle
- Stimpack

- ALL current player skins.

- Remaining weapon sprites which were not mentioned.

Bethesda Softworks:
- Splash (I only resized it and made some pixel corrections)


> Installation:
1. Extract 'gfx' to your cs2d folder, done.
Hint: You can backup your gfx folder in case you want the default skins back one time.

> Permissions:
• Redistribution is prohibited.
• Editing and using it for personal is allowed.
• This file has the rights of 3rd party submissions and therefore we do not claim the creation of CS2D. All rights reserved to the owner of the game: Peter Schauss.
• Only FaqAp or Slasher may redistribute any sprites of this mod.

Any Questions you may PM me, but I can't guaranteed
that they will be answered in one week.
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08.10.11 01:40:13 am
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It is simply more tremendous. Continue to work in the same spirit.)
08.10.11 01:38:08 am
like I like it!
Apache uwu
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I love most of the file is just the rendermax.

falloutwars_rendermax.png     1.70 mb     1.70 mb     -0%

@file epic
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